Importance of Installation of Solar Panel Batteries!!

As electricity charges whether it’s for home use or industrial purposes are soaring high, demand for electricity from non-renewable sources are ever-increasing. Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective sources of electricity. It has many advantages such as cutting of electricity bills, lowering of carbon emission to the climate, second income from stream for governments and storing for surplus energy.

Solutions on Solar Battery Storage

But one of the key of installation of solar panel batteries for Home is one of the key aspects of generating electricity. Location of home plays a key role in determining the best solar panel system. Before considering of building one solar panel batteries for your home, you should be familiar with different solar electric systems. There are three types of solar electric system namely:

  1. On-Grid Solar Energy System
  • Solar energy generated from this is cheap and requires direct connection with the power grid to get electrified your home.
  • Your home solar power grid system requires two components such as solar panels, inverter, net meter and circuit breaker.
  1. Off-Grid Solar Power Systems
  • Off-grid solar power system does not require any connection to the utility grid.
  • The components of this type of solar power system required are solar panels, inverter, circuit breaker, batteries, charge controller and backup power.
  1. Grid-Tied with Battery Backup
  • This is the combination of first two systems. On one hand you are connected to the grid and need battery to store solar power.
  • The batteries will store enough energy which can power your house. You will get constant supply of energy.

Now question comes where are living.  Are you living off the grid? If it’s, then solar panels are usually a better investment than power cabling and off grid system as it gives you ‘free power’.

If you live on the grid, the question comes whether you get frequent power cut. If it’s, then grid tied system with batteries is the best option. Otherwise, a grid tied system will give you the benefit of solar energy and bill savings.


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